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Welcome to Steve Morgan Pressure Washing & Painting we appreciate your arrival. We want you to know a little bit about our story.

We, Steve and Deana, are the proud owners of Steve Morgan Pressure Washing & Painting. Back in 2002 we decided to quit our jobs and open our own business. We were nervous about doing this but had a good instinct that it would work. After a couple of struggling years we started to get noticed and became a very strong and successful business. Determination was our banner as we spend 12-18 hour days marketing and working on our business. We knew that reputation is everything so we worked very hard from the beginning to make sure we went above and beyond because every client deserves our best.

In 2006 we signed up for Angie's List and started getting great reviews and then more clients. By being on Angie's List, we received about 75% of our business just in the first year. Now, most of our business comes from word of mouth, referrals and specially targeted advertising. Ever since then we have not looked back because we know we made the best decision of our life. We believe that every client should always get more than they paid for.

Our niche is Roof Cleaning where we believe you should only clean a roof by using Low Chlorine and Low Pressure. We also believe in using men to actually get on the roof to clean by hand with their pressure washers. We believe that you only need 15% chlorine solution to do a roof, enough to kill the mold spores. And by also using low pressure nothing gets harmed in the process and your roof will last much longer when it is cleaned properly. Some of our competition believes in drowning the roofs with chlorine (20-60% Solution), and then just rinsing it off not actually cleaning it. However, we get all the calls from clients who are disenchanted because damage was caused or the roof did not get cleaned well enough.

We met thru an online dating service, yes they really work. Deana's friend Alice convinced her to start dating again so Deana signed up and that is where we found each other. We have been together ever since. Our relationship at home is as solid as our business partnership at work.

Steve is the most reliable, dependable and down-to-earth-guy who enjoys people and getting the job done right the first time. He's a straight shooter and very honest when quoting a job. He is an avid sports fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Mets. Steve is from New York and his favorite thing to do is play golf.

Deana takes the late shift answering phones, doing marketing and keeping things organized. She enjoys her gardens which she has many of. We planted a very large butterfly garden in honor of my Dad. He loved watching the caterpillars grow into Beautiful Monarchs. So when you when you come to our home there are always many butterflies flying in our yard.

We have the best people in the business working with us. Reko, who has been with us for years, is the hardest working, honest, reliable, and dependable expert in Pressure Washing. He is the leading man when it comes to cleaning the Back Entertainment Areas. Our Painting Staff does an exceptional job at every home we paint. We are very lucky to have such an incredible staff working with us.

Meet our son (that's how we call him), "Stanley"

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